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Discover the ultimate school management experience with our intuitive and comprehensive School Management Information System (SMIS) or Smart School Operations and Management. Our SMIS is designed to cater to the diverse needs of schools, teachers, students, and parents. It offers a seamless solution that combines school administration, teaching resources, student information tracking, parent engagement tools, and financial management.

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How EHMS can help your school

We are on a mission to help independent and international schools enhance their efficiency, communication and accountability with our multifaceted single database school management system (SMS) – Smart School Operations and Management. We have over three decades of experience collaborating with leading schools worldwide who inform our continuous improvement process.
Our sophisticated software is designed to streamline school management in every aspect possible. It integrates everything from student information systems (SIS) to learning management systems (LMS) into one coherent solution, so you have all your data in one place, working harmoniously together. This enables teachers to easily handle essential tasks like tracking attendance, managing grades, and monitoring students’ academic progress.
We value data security highly because we know how important it is to protect sensitive student information in this digital age. Our management information system (MIS) uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all data remains secure and meets industry security standards.

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EducationS is the core of our educational management software, a comprehensive and efficient system that seamlessly connects all stakeholders in the school community. From Leaders to Teachers, Bursars to Administrators, Parents to Students, it serves as a unified platform for managing every aspect of school life.

EducationS is tailored to the specific needs of schools, offering a wide range of features and functionalities that make it the best choice for any educational institution. With its powerful data management capabilities, this software ensures that all student records are securely stored and easily accessible whenever needed. From attendance tracking to academic performance monitoring, Engage School provides teachers with valuable insights into their students’ progress.

  • Transform the way your school manages student recruitment
  • Organise documents, invoices and assessment reports
  • Track all communications with students, parents and staff
  • Access key information at individual, group and school level

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TeachingS is dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of support and resources to educators within independent, fee-paying, and international schools. Our mission is simple: to empower teachers and enable them to focus their efforts on what truly matters – fostering exceptional teaching and improving learning outcomes.

  • Integrated administrative tools
  • Comprehensive student tracking
  • Remote learning
  • All-in-one functionality with seamless integration

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With FinanceS seamlessly integrated with EducationS and TeachingS, StudentS and Finance teams have every tool for smooth financial management at their fingertips.

With this module, you have access to a comprehensive platform that combines all aspects of financial management in one place. From budgeting and invoicing to expense tracking and reporting, this software covers it all. It’s designed specifically for educational institutions, making it the best solution for managing finances in the education sector.

  • Designed and developed specifically for independent and international schools
  • Effectively monitor spending
  • Brings your financial and academic management together
  • Comprehensive accounting, improved reporting and effective financial planning

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StudentS is One Student Information Platform on iOS and Andoird driving School Management, Finance, Student Wellbeing and Learning. Manage and access data from:

  • Student admissions and lifecycles, timetabling, class creation
  • Complex family relationships and permissions
  • Attendance, wellbeing, and medical records on the go
  • Privacy by design keeps your community secure

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Boost your teams with efficient school management and leave disconnected systems behind.
Our Smart School Operations and Management is based on advanced technology that helps schools integrate with their existing system in place. It’s designed to be user-friendly, allowing school leaders and teachers to make data driven decisions and have complete visibility of their school performance.

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