Sosene Software is a leading mobile application development company that builds high-quality branded apps for iOS, Android, and React Native platforms. We are a team of skilled software engineers with years of experience in developing mobile applications.

Whether you need a native iOS, Android, or React Native app, we will develop a product that your users surely love. We build custom mobile applications of any complexity for different business needs which are scalable easily.

We are a mobile application development company which offers end-to-end mobile app development services to our clients. Our mobile app developers have expertise in developing native apps as well as cross-platform ones.

As a Product Owner, you will be in direct contact with every member of your application development team – via Slack, email, video call, in Scrum meetings, or live in our offices. Smooth and transparent communication without intermediaries increases efficiency, gives you full control of the project, and guarantees a product that exactly meets your expectations.

Mobile development sosene software
technologies used in App development sosene software

Technologies used

Programming languages:
React Native, Java, Swift, Kotlin

Development tools:
SQLite, Core Data, Lucene, Flutter, Xamarin

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase

Benefits of mobie application development with us

Multiple platforms

We build mobile applications that work seamlessly on a variety of platforms without limitations for smartphones and tablets improve working efficiency and minimize risks,from prototype through MVP to a successful product


We prepare the technical task and detailed specifications, estimate the time and cost of product development and ensure that our expertise matches the requirements of the customer.

Fast & effective development

Our team takes your ideas and turns them into high-performing apps with high output, ROI and retention. We use user research, user testing and design thinking to bring consumerization to your IT.

Quality assurance

Sosene‘s QC team pay attention to user experience and stable performance. Automating the testing process we enable faster and more frequent releases, load testing is implemented to audit app scalability.
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At Sosene Software, we know that we need a good understanding of your business organization to offer you high-quality, efficient IT solutions that evolve with your business needs. We can offer individualized software solutions at any scale because we know how to utilize the powers of the different technologies and seamlessly integrate them.

Sosene Software helps you build mobile solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. With long experience in the development of mobile applications, we have a solid knowledge base to guide you in the process of developing mobile applications.

Each of our projects requires a specific approach. But our established workflow is the key to product success. Please get in touch!